About me

A little more info about me.

Who am I?

Hi there! I’m Chloe. I used to go by a lot of names before, but I currently use solely and solelychloe as my aliases on the Internet.

I’m a computer science student at AlmaU, specializing in Software Engineering. I have a fascination for anything related to System Administration. And as a hobbyist sysadmin, I run media & game servers and utilize Virtual Machines for my specialized needs. I also tinker around with vintage computer hardware!

I’m currently contributing to the following third party Destiny 2 applications as a translator:

I’m also a member of Novecore and Dijit.

As someone who has impaired vision, I try and strive for accessibility where possible! Subtitles and alternate text for my content is where I want to start first of all.

I like to play video games in my spare time! My favourite games at the moment are CrossCode, OneShot, Risk of Rain 2, and Tetris Effect.

Open source

Here are some open-source projects I’ve contributed to:


I’ve been listening to alternative rock/metal and indie music recently. Here are some of my favourite artists and bands at the moment:

You can check out my Last.fm profile for more info.



If you want to include my 88x31 button, copy paste the following to your website:

<a href="https://arciniega.one">
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My 88x31 button.


You can view my SSH keys at /keys.