A link to my avatar. The character displayed here is Silver Wolf from the videogame Honkai: Star Rail.

Chloe A.


⚠️ URGENT! Please read!

I'm trying to escape from my abusive, overprotective parents and move out.

If you're able to help in any way, please consider donating. If not, please share the below link(s) with others. My Ko-fi page and goal goes into more detail about my situation.

If Ko-fi doesn't work for you, you can also donate to me directly via PayPal.

Thank you so much. Any donation will go a long way. 💖

Donation progress:

25% of our way there! ($2,300/$17,500)


I'm Chloe, a software engineer with a fascination for system administration and messing about with pieces of technology. Feel free to look around to get to know me better! ^w^