Chloe Arciniega (she/her, they/them) Software engineer, aspiring sysadmin, computer witch.
About me Hiya! I'm Chloe. I also go by the name solely. 👋 I'm a software engineer with a fascination for system administration and messing about with pieces of technology. I also do localization for popular third party Destiny tools, such as Destiny Item Manager and Braytech. Wanna know more about the stuff that I have built? Visit my contributions page!
More about me?

If you’re still here, thank you! You must be very interested in me.

As someone who has impaired vision, I try and strive for accessibility where possible! Subtitles and alternate text for my content is where I want to start first of all.

I like to experiment with Rust, TypeScript, Astro, C#, Tailwind and Podman. I also tinker around with vintage computer hardware! As a hobbyist sysadmin, I run media & game servers and utilize Virtual Machines for my specialized needs.

I like to play video games in my spare time! My favourite games at the moment are Destiny 2, OneShot, Risk of Rain 2, and Tetris Effect.

You can also view my musical taste if you want. My current favourite artists are Paramore, Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, Porter Robinson, Fall Out Boy, Pierce the Veil, and Ace of Hearts.

Below is a webring of people I find cool. (what is a webring?)
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